Experienced: Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garcons MET NYC 2017

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC celebrated the art and theater of Rei Kawakubo's designs for her brand Comme des Garcons. It was a retro-spective of her best ideas across her thirty years at the design helm and was titled Art Of The In-Between. The show while not large was broad in the span of her creativity. What I love about her designs is the attention to details and that her work transcends the world of history all the way through a post-appocalytical modernism. I attended with my wife Beth and our kids while in New York this summer. While the whole family loved the show, I could tell the kids thought is was a bit strange. The kids all wanted to reach out and touch the dresses because they were so strongly beautiful and robustly textured. My 12 year old son violated the rules and set off the alarm by touching one of the coats. My wife said "he didn't even touch it" and he whispered to me "I did touch it... I couldn't help myself". Post exhibit in the highly packed elevator to the roof terrace we were standing next to the designer Francisco Costa. He asked the kids if they enjoyed the Kawakubo show. They said "it was a bit strange" and he replied "yes, but strangely beautiful". It was a true New York moment. I hope you enjoy the images.

rei kawakubo comme des garçons art of the in between MET museum nyc.JPG
rei kawakubo comme des garcons elite culture black dresses MET.JPG
rei kawakubo comme des garcons black dressed icon hair MET.JPG
rei kawakubo comme des garcons black dress red hair MET.JPG
rei kawakubo comme des garcons red coats and up hair MET.JPG
rei kawakubo comme des garcons red dresses MET.JPG
Rei Kawakubo Comme des garcons sign MET.JPG
Posted on October 1, 2017 .